Vision Statement


The purpose of Unsteal is to offer retribution for any past petty theft by collecting money and returning it to the victims. Initially, we are using a website to host actual transactions, but we plan to launch a mobile app. To ensure the safety of our users, Unsteal cooperates with retailers at a corporate level, along with local officials, to protect users from prosecution as a result of an Unsteal transaction. Similar to the police’s “no questions asked” gun collection drives to reduce overall crime, we will gain support from law enforcement to give the public a chance to return something stolen without any fear of punishment.

Unsteal’s goal is to assist in 500 million retributive transactions worldwide by 2034. To reach that target, we’re starting our focus with Los Angeles County. Next, we want to expand throughout all of Southern California. We will leverage social media to increase awareness. Lastly, Unsteal will host global transactions.

Sometimes the victims of a theft may be deceased, out-of-business, or otherwise impossible to track down. These “unclaimed” funds will be used towards kleptomania support. Currently, there is minimal awareness and support for those suffering from kleptomania. Unsteal’s board of directors includes a leading expert on compulsive shoplifting and our partnership plans are being developed. We hope to use kleptomania support projects to increase overall awareness and traffic our social media pages.

Unsteal envisions being the standard platform for its service. Given the subject matter, it’s imperative that 100% of the money collected from repenting thieves is given back to the victims. Unsteal cannot profit from the stolen money, as it would contradict the entire concept. To cover the operating costs of Unsteal, we must apply for grants and raise money on our own. Unsteal wants to be accredited by Charity Watch, Charity Navigator, and other watchdog groups.  Our board members are not compensated.